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Giuseppe Monetti was born in Bologna, Italy, on 11th March 1951

Curriculum Giuseppe Monetti
  • Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna, Italy.
  • Specialized in diagnostic radiology in 1985 at the Institute of Radiology at the same University.
  • Achieved the EEC European Diploma of Clinical Echography in 1986.
  • Author of five books about Integrated Muskuloskeletal Echography and Imaging.
  • Co-author of nine books inherent the Muskuloskeletal Apparatus.
  • Author of more than 350 papers both national and international about the Muskuloskeletal Apparatus.
  • Speaker in more than 500 national and international conferences about Muskuloskeletal matters.
  • Radiology Assistant, 1981 to 1982, at Civil Hospital in Suzzara (Mantova, Italy).
  • Assistant and lately co-responsible aid in the Radiology Department at "Arciospedale S. Maria Nuova" in Reggio Emilia, Italy, 1983 to 1992.
  • Since May 1992 Director of Diagnostic Imaging Department at the "Nigrisoli" Clinic in Bologna.
  • Advisor at the Medicine Institute for Sport in Bologna since 1985.
  • Official Echographist during 1990's World Soccer Championship "Italia 90".
  • Councilman of the Section of Diagnostic for Images in Sport Medicine of the S.I.R.M., 1989 to 1993 (and founding associate).
  • Teaching Professor at Schools of Specialty in Motor Sciences at the University of Bologna and at the Institute of Radiology of the University of Udine.
  • Adviser at the Legal Medicine Institute at the University of Bologna for Muskuloskeletal Diagnostic.
  • Director of the Muskuloskeletal Echography School since 1986.
  • From 2006 to 2007 Director of Medical Service Autodromo di Imola (Italy)
  • Muskuloskeletal Diagnostic Adviser at "Domus Nova" Clinic in Ravenna, Italy.
  • He collaborates with the Institute of Radiology of "Henry Ford Hospital" in Detroit for Imaging Diagnostic of the Muskuloskeletal Apparatus.
  • Councilman of the section of Muskuloskeletal Radiology of the S.I.R.M. (Italian Society of Medical Radiology) since May 2004.
  • Doctor of the radiological team for the Winter Olympic Games Turin 2006.
  • From 2013 Director of Medical Service Autodromo di Modena (Italy)
  • From 2014 Scientific director of D-LAB in Bologna
  • From 2017 GDL Medical Component in ACI 2017/2020
  • 2018 Founder and Director of G-Scan Academy (dynamic and weight-bearing musculo-skeletal MRI)

In Pista con "Brio"
Briefing Clinico Radiologico

Autodromo Internazionale Imola

Presidenti del Convegno:
C. Faletti, C. Masciocchi, G. Pisani

Direttore scientifico:
G. Monetti
Direttore Dipartimento Diagnostica per immagini Ospedali Riuniti Nigrisoli (Bologna)- D- LAB (Bologna)


Is in the medical services Torino 2006 et Winter Paralympic, Sestriere 2006

Workshop Radiologia Olimpica
China Special Session with Giuseppe Monetti at Olympics 2008 Workshop Radiologia OlimpicaWorkshop Toroc
January 14th 2006
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